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The (sm)art fellowship program is open to emerging and established artists with focus on Visual Arts, Literature, and Poetry. 


It provides an opportunity to work in quiet and inspiring surroundings in the company of fellow artists, writers, novelists, and poets.


Curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer in Spoleto, Italy.

Due to Covid, the fellowship and artist in residence program has been suspended until further notice, stay safe eveybody!

For future updates, check our dedicated website www.smartresidencies.com stay tuned!


(sm)art venues

The (sm)art fellowship program is hosted by Casale Flaminia, a 17th century country house on the edge of the top-hill settlement Acquaiura built around the year of 1000 AD along the ancient Roman Flaminia route leading directly to nearby Spoleto, city of art and culture listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, pre-dating Rome.

New (sm)art venues in Spoleto soon to be announced!


(sm)art program

The (sm)art fellowship program is curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer in Spoleto.

Artists in Residence


The fellowship is curated suiting emerging and established artists with focus on Visual Arts, Literature, and Poetry.

Writing Faculty


Access to writing circles, accompanied by one-on-one mentoring sessions that can be tailored to meet your writing goals.

Creative Space


Work in quiet and inspiring surroundings in the company of fellow artists, writers, novelists, and poets



Accommodation covering seven nights with your own comfortable room, writing desk and private (en-suite) bathroom.



Self catering meals and drinks are provisioned for with access to a fully equipped kitchen, stocked with local ingredients from Umbria.

Transfer Shuttle


Courtesy transfer shuttle from/to Rome airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino) as well as our local train station in Spoleto.

- Writers Circle -

Access to writers circle scheduled monthly, for writers who seek encouragement, guidance, and community on the path to successfully achieving writing goalsa "soft place to fall" for fellow writers to lean on one another, respecting a simple rule - what happens in the circle stays in the circle!


- Writing Faculty -

Access to writing faculty with one-on-one mentoring. During the mentoring session you will receive a content-based and style-based critique (i.e. substantive and stylistic evaluation) of your submission to include content-driven and line-by-line feedback. The mentoring session will focus on the literary craft and possibly address potential avenues for publication.

- Stipendium -

The (sm)art fellowship program does not provide a stipendium!

- Travel Expenses -

General expenses such as travels and per diem are not covered by the fellowship program. Most governments have grants to support artists and if you want to make use of such grants in your country, we are happy to assist you by writing an official fellowship acceptance letter to help offset travel expenses.


(sm)art open call

Open call for artists and writers for the fall residencies, week 12 to 19 Nov 2021. Application is by digital entry form, closing midnight 31 May 2021!

- Selection Procedure -

Selection procedure is by committee with focus on: 

  • Visual Arts

  • Literature

  • Poet


- Expectations of the Artist -

With the permission of the artist, the work of the recipients may be featured on Casale Flaminia (sm)art artists-in-residence page, accompanied by our social media channels such as facebook, twitter and instagram.


(sm)art recipients

The (sm)art fellowship application entry for the spring residencies, week 14 to 21 May 2021, is now closed.

After careful consideration of the pool of prolific and talented international artists and writers, the (sm)art fellowship selection committee has chosen four recipients.

Margarita Gokun Silver

Writer in Residence


Janet Steen

Writer in Residence


Rosie McGurran

Artist in Residence


Vitor Pereira

Writer in Residence


Congratulations to New York based novelist and essayist, Janet Steen, Ireland based figurative artist, Rosie McGurran, Lisbon based writer and journalist, Vitor Pereira, and writer and visual artist, Margarita Gokun Silver.

World-renowned author and dancer, Twyla Tharp, once said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” We are thrilled to offer these artists a place to run to this fall and the time and resources to continue creating their beautiful art.


(sm)art entry form

Open call for artists and writers for the fall residencies, week 12 to 19 Nov 2021. Application entry countdown..., closing 31 May 2021!  

Artist and Writer Friends -

Please share with your artist and writer friends on facebook to make sure they don't miss out!


(sm)art committee 

Applications for the (sm)art fellowship program are reviewed by a distinguished international committee composed of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines with focus on Visual Arts, Literature, and Poetry.

Adi Atassi
Committee Maestro
Fine Artist and Maestro Curator
at (sm)art residencies and (sm)art festivals.
Mellisa Felix
Committee Chair
Executive Curator at (sm)art festivals
Head of (sm)art writing residencies.
Melissa Hekkers
Committee Advisor
Freelance journalist and author.
Fellow of (sm)art artists in residence.
Francesca d'Alessandro
Committee Host
Host and Curator at Casale Flaminia.
Sandy Marie Humby
Committee Advisor
Energy Alchemist and Fellow of
(sm)art artists in residence.
Jimmi Sandham
Committee Advisor
Author and Founder of Rhetorik.
Fellow of (sm)art artists in residence.
Sam J. Grudgings
Committee Advisor
Standup Poet and Fellow of
(sm)art artists in residence.
Ralph Overbeck
Committee Sponsor
Founder of (sm)art residencies
and co-executive at (sm)art festivals.
Tommaso Faraci
Committee Advisor
Spoleto based Artist, Musican, and
Fellow of (sm)art artists in residence.

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Terms & Conditions

You can find our (sm)art fellowship terms & conditions here. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us here.