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A Scribe Affair

with Mellisa Felix

The writing craft laid bare!

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Writers Circle

Open Writers' Circle with Mell


Date/Time by invitation- Zoom Video Conference


Join us for our monthly online Writers' Circle with Mell, open to emerging and established writers who seek encouragement, guidance, and community on the path to successfully achieving their writing goals. A "soft place to fall" for fellow writers to lean on one another, respecting a simple rule - what happens in the circle, stays in the circle!


Thank you, please check your email for confirmation!




The artists-in-residence fellowship program is open to emerging and established artists with focus on Visual Arts, Literature, and Poetry. 


It provides an opportunity to work in quiet and inspiring surroundings in the company of fellow artists, writers, novelists, and poets.


Curated with the intention of carefully suiting individuals to the unique environment and resources we can offer in Spoleto, Italy.



About Mell

Mellisa Felix leads the (sm)art writing residencies and chairs the (sm)art fellowship program in Spoleto, Italy. She has enjoyed a distinguished career teaching in academia as associate professor of writing at the University of Maryland, (Global Campus), based in the UK.


She is a novelist in the process of querying her Young Adult Fiction novel, The Code of Them All.


Mellisa has placed in the top three in international writing contests, such as Gotham Writer’s Group/Serendipity Literary Agency YA Novel Discovery, and she has worked on her novels at writing residencies abroad, to include the Palazzo Rinaldi artists residency in Italy. 


Mellisa Felix


"In many ways Mellisa feels like a companion in our writing journey"


"Timely deep review so deep..., enabling the writer to flow..."


"Mellisa opened the gates!"



Ask the Scribe

In need of resources that address dialogue? What are the benefits of third person limited point of view, anyway? How ‘bout your writing life? Ever been blocked and unsure what to do next? Maybe you don’t know if you’re a “real” writer at all …? We invite you to ask any question related to the writing craft or the writing life. 

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